The Principles of Love Apply

Approach people as a novel waiting to be read.

After a moderate amount of coffee, planner-usage, and racing across campus, my first week of classes at Covenant College has passed. The normal thing might be to simply say “I survived.” But ‘survived’ only gives credit to the (at times) drudgery of maintaining a schedule. I did not merely survive. I was fully alive to the revelations unveiled day by day.

Chills of amazement crept through my body during large events. And then they would come when I battled something hard internally and came through thinking victoriously, the Holy Spirit winning over my muddled thoughts.

Bagpipes & steady beating of drums echoing through stone, chapel walls. Halting a meeting to pray for a hallmate’s recent loss of a loved one. Memorizing Bible verses as a homework assignment and actually feeling the weight of importance such a verse can hold. Waking up in plush, white bedding with sunlight streaming through windows. Mountain sunsets. Connecting creativity to the Creator. Being alone but not feeling alone.

The Principles of Love Apply // I did not merely survive. I was fully alive to the revelations unveiled day by day.

It’s in these moments when I realize I have a place here. I don’t feel like I deserve to partake in this natural beauty around me. I don’t see how I get to sit under such knowledgeable professors. It still doesn’t make much sense to me that I’m here in the first place.

And the tears come. My planner spills over with assignments. Relationships are (at times) tiring. I feel inexperienced at anything and everything. And it’s only been a week. 😉

I didn’t go through the last two and a half years for nothing. Application of my past history would tell me to have patience in the pain. The fog eventually clears, usually not on the morning you want it to, but eventually.

How much better it would be to wait patiently, caring for those who need love. Fulfilling the homework because that is your calling for the present time. Soaking in knowledge, understanding these four years are as fast a blink of an eye. Yearning for Jesus Christ – His promised hope – His reassurance of forgiveness and mercy. Having a keen watch over the moments that start the chills of awe.

If God grants you the desires of your heart, may you be ready and humbled to adopt the next calling because of your faithfulness in the present. Your desires may not be God’s will in the moment, but each moment is an opportunity to know God more and tests your faith in the seemingly ‘dry spells’.

You might think a lot of principles might be abandoned when you enter college. I admit I thought that way to an extent. You’re going to college to get an education. Get community. Get friends. Get the experience. Yet the principles of loving on others are still the same. There will always be that guy who could use encouragement to do what he knows he should do. There will always be that girl who needs to be reminded of confidence in who God has made her.

Look for the people. Listen to their stories.

My prayer for my first semester is simple – Lord, abide with me! May my fears and insecurities not distract from the awesome works surrounding me at every moment. May I not take, but intentionally give.


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